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Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles California
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Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaKeep your Home stop a foreclosure: If you are facing foreclosure and are struggling with your mortgage payments filing for bankruptcy may be an option to keep your home. Upon filing of a bankruptcy there is an automatic stay for all collections. This means that your foreclosure stops!!! Contact us now.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaKeep your car: A bankruptcy will allow you to keep your car. The law recognizes that without a car you are less likely to get back on your feet, as such basic necessities should be kept. Call now for a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaStop the legal judgment: If someone has obtained a money judgment against you and is fighting to enforce it, a bankruptcy will eliminate it. Except for certain situations, most judgments can be discharged in a bankruptcy. Call us now.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaStart a new future: Wouldn’t you want to have a healthier financial future? You need a fresh start to ensure the future is healthy financially. A bankruptcy can be your ticket to that future. Whether filing under chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy, call us now for your free consultation.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaWage garnishment? If your wages are being garnished, you have options, you don’t need to ever repay certain debts if you file for a bankruptcy. A chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate almost all of your debts. Talk to our experienced bankruptcy lawyers.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaStop the creditor harassment for once and for all. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you put an end to those harassing phone calls. Take advantage of the bankruptcy laws, they are there for you, to help you in need.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaReestablish your credit. A bankruptcy will help you reestablish your credit as you can potentially wipe out all your existing debts. This is done under chapter 7. Contact our experienced bankruptcy attorneys to for your consultation.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaLive Debt Free: If you are struggling with your debt and think there is no way out, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be your best option. Put the bankruptcy law at work for you. Take advantage of the laws that are there for you. Call us for your option to speak with a bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaChapter 7 Basics: Filing For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not as complicated as it may seem. As a matter of facts it can be a more preferable chapter for some individuals rather then a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact us now for your free consultation.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaChapter 13 Basics: A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for individuals who have income that is more then their expenses. In Chapter 13 bankruptcies in addition to filing of the petitioner, the debtor must present the court a repayment plan. Contact us now for your options.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaProtect your property: Certain categories of property may not be taken by creditors after a debtor files for bankruptcy. The type of exempt property will vary from state to state but typically includes motor vehicles up to a certain value, some clothing and household furnishings, life insurance and portions of earned wages.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaAvoid Levies on your bank account: Many debtors struggling with debt find themselves in even bigger financial problems when the creditors attach levies to their bank accounts. Under state as well as federal law, these levies are legal. Filing a bankruptcy will eliminate these levies, with certain exceptions. Call now for a free consultation with a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaSafeguard you retirement savings, IRA and 401K: You work hard all your life to save for retirement and the next thing you know, these savings are under the risk of being drained by a creditor. Don’t make the mistake that many of us already have made. Consider a bankruptcy. Talk to a chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer now.

Bankruptcy lawyer Los Angeles CaliforniaPut an end to those sleepless nights: Stop thinking about the existing debt and consider moving on to a healthier financial future. The sooner your start the sooner you will get there. Call us now to speak to a bankruptcy specialist in your area. Our bankruptcy attorneys are available to talk to you.

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When the times were tough, no one seemed to be willing to talk to me, except for Mr. Galstyan. I would have lost my house, my car and savings for which I had worked for over 30 years.

Having what I have now, I owe it to Mr. Galstyan. He saved me and my family financially. If you are looking for an attorney who cares, look no further. Vladimir Galstyan is your best choice.


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